Convergence/Divergence – extended to 2 Feb 2013

Still from the video, The Moving Heart

Still from the video, The Moving Heart
by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff, 2010.

– perspectives on the theme of water and its global and local roles.

Los Medanos College Art Gallery
2700 E. Leland Blvd, Pittsburg, CA 94565, U.S.A,

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:30-2:30 & 4-6pm
Reception: November 15th, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

The exhibition, a collaboration between Los Medanos College Art Gallery and WEAD,
curated by noted intermedia artist Suzon Fuks, co-founder of WATERWHEEL,
“a collaborative online venue for artists, scientist, activist, and all water lovers,”
brings together contributions of more than 30 artists from around the world, working in a variety of media – installation, video, and performance arts dealing with the theme. A world-wide roundtable symposium via Skype and WATERWHEEL will feature many of the participants on
December 8th, 10 am – 1 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

Still from The Moving Heart by Sen and Sonja, 2010

Still from The Moving Heart
Te Ngākau Nekeneke
3 min. 34 second video, 2010
by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn
Music: Whānau Mārama
by Toroa Pohatu
Aotearoa | New Zealand

1- Suzon Fuks: “Waterwheel” – TAP
2- Lauren Elder – area: “Grey water and working with the Los Medanos Eco-science class”
3- Deanna Pindell area: “Water issues” in Oregon – TAP
4- Enid Baxter: “Not Just a Pretty Picture, The Synergy between Art and Science” (TAP)
5- Christina Bertea: Sturgeon story
6- Artists known as…women: LA – TAP
7- Sonja van Kerkhoff: “Water Taking Form”
8- Suzanne Girot: “Russian River”

The choice of Los Medanos College is not accidental; the college is the only institute of higher education in the delta area where the San Joachin and Sacramento rivers merge before entering San Pablo and San Francisco Bays. The challenges and sensitivity of the eco-systems in the region is one reason for Los Medanos’ extensive Environmental Studies curriculum. In addition to its Art Gallery, the campus features a native plant preserve and a centralized water re-use pond. The Waterwheel blog >>   About this show >>

Catherine Higham (Australia), Ioanida Costache, Arsenije Jovanovic (Croatia), Allison Leigh Holt (USA), Krisanne Baker (Maine Ecological Artist, USA), Jessica Plumb, Jane Ingram Allen (USA), Ellen Lake, Hanae Utamura (Japan), Nathalie Fougeras (Sweden), Jürgen Trautwein (Germany/USA), Wendy Woodson, Sara Gevurtz, Susan Steinman, Clare Tallon Ruen (USA), Michele Guieu (CA,USA), Marjukka Korhonen + Raimo Uunila (Finland), Nicole Antebi, Mitch Sweickert & students, Roy F. Staab (USA), Artists Formerly Known as Women, Carlotta Brunetti (Germany), Mary B. White, Elizabeth Sher, Eric Olson & students, Nicole Antebi (CA, USA), Ruth Wallen (USA), Christina Bertea, Sonja van Kerkhoff, Sen McGlinn + Toroa Pohatu (Aotearoa/New Zealand/the Netherlands)


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