Exhibition at RAVE, Rotorua, till 27th January 2013

Portraits of the Spirit – Ngā Whakaahua o te Wairua

Paintings by Trish De Muth. Installation by Sen + Sonja.

Paintings by Trish De Muth. Installation by Sen + Sonja.

This show of furniture by Sen, and installations by Sen and Sonja closed on Jan 23rd, however the paintings by Trish De Muth and Kristian Lomath and the slogans from the Ae Weiwei video clip (see the 5 min video Rotorua Art Village, Aotearoa/New Zealand do Gangnam Style for Ai Weiwei) and the videos “Kāing a roto” continue to be on show until January 27th.

Paintings by Trish De Muth and Kristian Lomath

Paintings by Trish De Muth and Kristian Lomath.

The RAVE furniture

Jam Session on Jan 13th in Rotorua. Barry (on the reject seat to the right of the Table seat) Don (on the macrapapa seat) and Anna (on the retro bench).

Jam Session on Jan 13th in Rotorua. Barry (on the “Reject” seat, so called, because it had borer in the wood) to the right of the “Table” seat) Don (on the “Macrapapa” seat) and Anna (on the “Retro” bench).

Sen’s art residency was to create new stuff out of old wood or old furniture donated by the citizens of Rotorua.
Sen flanked by a musician and a yoga practitioner

Sen flanked by a musician and a yoga practitioner

Here are the results of this. For the Jan 13th Hot Lakes Craft Fair we took the chairs outside and a jam session ensued courtesy of Don C (on Martin guitar), Anna on ukelele, and Barry on harmonica.

Sen’s proposal was to make a sculptural gazebo or temple form from diverse seats a bit like the June 2012 project however in response to the wood we ended up with, we made furniture (Sonja made the “Macrapapa” seat and Sen made all the other items. In the end 9 seats (benches or chairs) and one vanity were created.

>> The blog about Sen’s first three chairs
>> Sen’s proposal with illustrations
>> Our final project at RAVE: The exhibition, “Portraits of the Spirit – Ngā Whakaahua o te Wairua”

“The Pine Tree” – Jean Quinlyn

Jean with the painting she chose for the outside door to her room at Glenbrae Rest Home, Rotorua. Dec 2012.

Jean with the painting she chose for the outside door to her room at Glenbrae Rest Home, Rotorua. Dec 2012.

The first painting of Sonja van Kerkhoff’s Art for Orientation project for the December 2012 – January 2013 RAVE (Rotorua Artist Village)

Jean Quinlyn (87) at Glenbrae told me that a pine tree is what is important to her. Her father moved with her family to Rotorua to work in the forestry when she was 5 years of age and these trees have made an impact on her ever since. So now the door of her room bears a painting of a pine tree. And visitors can find her at “The Pine Tree.”

Signs and symbols are not only easier to see but can also say something about the person: their history or what they like.  
This is a detail of the wall of a house from the 1800s in Southern Germany, August 2012.

Wouldn’t it be fun to say, Grandad’s room is the one with the orange dragon.

Sonja’s “Art for Orientation” project is to create customized paintings for the elderly in a rest home, for their door.

It is easier to find a room in a corridor if there’s a painting of a flower or animal or symbol for both visitors and the residents, and the art can reinforce the individual identity of the resident.

Tailor Made Art

I will interview each person (if possible with their family members) who would want a painting to hang on their door or next to their door, so we come up with a symbol or image they want.

It would be easy to say “her room is at the purple hat” to a new visitor.

My interview will help them decide what it is that they want and the painting hung in the hall is theirs to keep.

It might be a bright red tea-cup painted in the style of a van Gogh painting, a pair of golden scissors, an rainbow in sixteen shades of pink or a green cat with three eyes. It might be a Puhutakawa tree or a star, a hand-shaped cloud or a purple raindrop.

The idea is to hang paintings in a hallway creating strong identifiable elements. The residents might even want each door in a shared hallway to be a differing flower so that hall becomes the hall of the flowers while another hallway could be one with the colourful cats.

So ask your mother, father, whaea, kuia, gran, nan, grandma, grandad, grandpa, koro:

Would you like a painting on your door?

Dutch/New Zealand artist Sonja van Kerkhoff will come and interview you about what you would like. Would you like your favourite animal, a special object, or element of nature or something completely different? Wouldn’t it be fun to say to your visitors, my door is the one with the purple unicorn. Or to say, just look for the van Gogh crimson carnation? Or, “My room’s at the sign of the windmill”

Or several residents might choose a common theme such as butterflies where some choose an artistic interpretation such as the red butterfly above while others choose naturalistic or cartoon images of butterflies.

You will have a say about how the painting is made. It could be impressionist or art deco, a Picasso-like violin or a surrealist fork, like a cartoon or done in a realistic manner.

If you or your family member or friend would like a painting made (on card or other materials) in December 2012 and January 2013, email sonjavank AT hotmail.com or make a comment below giving me a way to meet you at the RAVE studios in early January 2013. You can also ring the RAVE studios (07- 3489008) and pass on a message for me to ring you.

Events @ RAVE by Sen + Sonja – January 2013

Still from The Moving Heart by Sen and Sonja, 2010

Still from The Moving Heart
Te Ngākau Nekeneke
3 min. 34 second video, 2010
by Sonja van Kerkhoff + Sen McGlinn
Music: Whānau Mārama
by Toroa Pohatu
Aotearoa | New Zealand

All events are in at RAVE, 1240 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua

Art is Worship
Sunday: 6 Jan, 2013, 10 – 11 a.m.
a meditation of visuals (of mainly our own work) + sound + music for one hour in Wolhmann House (back entrance to RAVE). Followed by refreshments.

9 Jan, 7:30 p.m. “Videos, Installations and Sculpture
Sonja van Kerkhoff gives a show and tell of some recent art projects in Europe + the U.S. Potluck BBQ + dinner from 6 onwards. http://www.sonjavank.com

12 Jan, 1 p.m. “Learn how to make a website in wordpress or how to make a Facebook group” – Bring your own laptop or take notes on paper.

13 Jan, 1 p.m. “Caravan from Istanbul” – performance by Sonja van Kerkhoff with her origami herd. More about the Caravan is here
The monthly Hot Lakes Craft Fair is also on at RAVE Jan. 13th, from 10 to 2 p.m.
Sen and Sonja will present sculpture, installations and videos, in and around studio 2.

More events from 13 Jan onwards will be announced on this page.