Sen’s Modernist Post Structures


Walk right in by Sen McGlinn in the Whangarei Quarry Gardens, New Zealand. Oct-Nov 2015.


1019_1415walkriOne of my sculptural interests is large outdoor works that can be entered and seen from the inside out. These works are sculptures on the scale of buildings, or buildings that use the visual vocabulary of 1019_1413walkrisculpture, rather than the language of architecture. As a sculpture, ‘Walk right in’ responds to the Russian modernist work known as ‘Tatlin’s tower,’ and Hossein Amanat’s Azadi monument. As a building, it demonstrates a technique for creating dynamic spaces in wood, with an effect completely different to the static effect of standard timber framing. The material is high quality Pinus radiata, with MCA treatment (an environmentally preferred product replacing tanalising). So the work is also a reminder of the important role of P. radiata in the New Zealand Northland economy, and a thank-you to those who have developed better cultivars, management plans and treatments.


Spin-off by Sen McGlinn, in the Wharepuke Sculpture Gardens, Kerikeri, New Zealand.
On show until September 2016.


My sculpture practice lies somewhere between micro-architecture and
autonomous sculpture, as I am interested in creating internal spaces
as well as surfaces and shadows. A sculpture can be as well designed
as a building / a building can be as sculptural as a work of art.

I’ve been working on a series of built sculptures that I call modernist post structures, using reciprocal frame structures as a sculptural form, and common fencing and farming supplies as a material. The repeated sloping pattern of the elements and the constant measurements make for a dynamic space, both inside and around the work. 0109_1536c_spinoff



Works in
the Modernist Post Series:

Every Angle, 2014
Lemon Squeezer + Domino theory, 2014
Walk Right In, 2015
Spin-off, 2015

“Oratory at Tahora,” sculpture / land art

Sculpture made out of dead tree branches and wood by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van KerkhoffThis is one of the sculptures we made for Tahora High-country International Sculpture on Kerry Turner’s sheep farm.

Sculpture of 9 seats in a circle covered by 5 branches by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff

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Detail: Teachers and children from Marco school try out the seats by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff.A circle of nine seats made out of the remains from a wood chopping competition underneath the shade of five branches collected from dead trees.

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