Sen’s Modernist Post Structures


Walk right in by Sen McGlinn in the Whangarei Quarry Gardens, New Zealand. Oct-Nov 2015.


1019_1415walkriOne of my sculptural interests is large outdoor works that can be entered and seen from the inside out. These works are sculptures on the scale of buildings, or buildings that use the visual vocabulary of 1019_1413walkrisculpture, rather than the language of architecture. As a sculpture, ‘Walk right in’ responds to the Russian modernist work known as ‘Tatlin’s tower,’ and Hossein Amanat’s Azadi monument. As a building, it demonstrates a technique for creating dynamic spaces in wood, with an effect completely different to the static effect of standard timber framing. The material is high quality Pinus radiata, with MCA treatment (an environmentally preferred product replacing tanalising). So the work is also a reminder of the important role of P. radiata in the New Zealand Northland economy, and a thank-you to those who have developed better cultivars, management plans and treatments.


Spin-off by Sen McGlinn, in the Wharepuke Sculpture Gardens, Kerikeri, New Zealand.
On show until September 2016.


My sculpture practice lies somewhere between micro-architecture and
autonomous sculpture, as I am interested in creating internal spaces
as well as surfaces and shadows. A sculpture can be as well designed
as a building / a building can be as sculptural as a work of art.

I’ve been working on a series of built sculptures that I call modernist post structures, using reciprocal frame structures as a sculptural form, and common fencing and farming supplies as a material. The repeated sloping pattern of the elements and the constant measurements make for a dynamic space, both inside and around the work. 0109_1536c_spinoff



Works in
the Modernist Post Series:

Every Angle, 2014
Lemon Squeezer + Domino theory, 2014
Walk Right In, 2015
Spin-off, 2015

Monastery gardens Sculpture + Land art Show

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Detail of Memorials, ceramic tiles + a text

Detail of of our work, Memorials, ceramic tiles + a text

Sen cleans the tiles on our work Memorials with a sculpture by Theo van Keulen beyond

Sen cleans the tiles on our work Memorials with a sculpture by Theo van Keulen beyond

Opening: 14 June 2015, at 12.15 in the outdoor chapel in the gardens, Wittem klooster (Wittem Monastery), Wittemer Allee 32, 6286 AB, Wittem, The Netherlands

Wittem (google maps) is 15 km east of Maastricht, 15 km west of Aachen and 10 south-west of Heerlen.

“Verhalen + Herinneringen” (stories + memories) Sculpture in the gardens
curated by Ben van Kollenburg

14 June – 23 august, open daily.

De zomerexpositie 2015 wordt geopend op zondag 14 juni om 12.15 uur bij de openluchtkapel in de kloostertuin.

Van 14 juni t/m 23 augustus vindt er in de tuin van klooster Wittem de Zomerexpositie 2015 plaats. Het thema van deze jaarlijks terugkerende expositie is gebaseerd op ‘Verhalen en herinneringen’ .

Overal worden verhalen vertelt, ook in kloosters. Maar verhalen werden daar ook geboren. Verhalen die voort vloeiden uit voorwerpen, tradities en herinneringen. Religieuze maar ook algemene verhalen. Over het ontstaan en de geschiedenis van het kloosterleven. Over de (ge)bouwen en de bewoners. Over de ambachtelijke activiteiten zoals het brouwen van bier of het maken van kaas. Over Patroonheiligen en andere heiligen. Over bedevaarten en over de diensten die kloosters aan zieken en arme mensen verleenden. Zo heeft ieder klooster z’n eigen verhalen.

Zo ook Klooster Wittem. Over het ontstaan van de bedevaartbezoeken, de zorg en de functie van de kloostertuin, over de schitterende kapellen en over de prachtige bibliotheek, die herinnert aan de tijd dat Klooster Wittem seminarie was en opleidingsinstituut voor de redemptoristen. Alles heeft z’n verhaal, z’n herinnering en wordt op eigen wijze herdacht.

Door verhalen en herinneringen zijn de exposanten van Zomerexpositie 2015 geïnspireerd. Omdat iedere kunstenaar op eigen wijze beeld geeft aan zijn of haar inspiraties zal tijdens de Zomerexpositie 2015 naast installaties ook beelden, sculpturen en objecten te zien zijn, bestaande uit diverse materialen als metaal, hout, keramiek en vergankelijke materialen. Dit jaar wordt ook het TBC-huisje actief betrokken bij de expositie.

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“A guided meditation” – video installation + 4 new videos on show in Leiden

This new work as well as two new videos (showing work made in New Zealand earlier this year)
are on show during the Leiden “open studios” weekend – 27 + 28 September, open 12-6, in the Openmakers Studios, Aalmarkt 15B, Leiden.

The Aalmarkt is in the centre of the city and the nearest parking is close to the Webster university. Our site specific installations are in 2 enclosed spaces inside the “Openmakers” studios at Aalmarkt 15B, Leiden

open 12-6 this Saturday and Sunday, 27 + 28 September.
Sonja is there 1-6 and Sen is there 12-1pm.
There are lots of other open studios within walking distance.

A multi-vision mediation – new installations

Multi-vision Mediation by Carmen + Sonja. Three screens showing the video "In the Lands of Knowledge" with branches from Chateau Bethlehem in Maastricht.

Multi-vision Mediation by Carmen + Sonja. Three screens showing the video “In the Lands of Knowledge” with branches from Chateau Bethlehem in Maastricht.

“A multi-vision meditation” is the working title for a new video installation by Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff for the LIS-VHS-FE event.

Niek Hilkmann and Sandra Gnajtovic have made two new films using VHS and the evening will be a Leiden International Short -VHS- Festival Experience with a premiere of their new VHS films, plus a showing of Sonja’s VHS films made in the 1990’s and Carmen’s performance “Through the Window” which incorporates Hitchcock’s film “Rear Window” on VHS.

Still from "Transit in a green landscape" by Sen + Sonja with a detail of Sonja's work "Inland Soul at Sea"

Still from “Transit in a green landscape” by Sen + Sonja with a detail of Sonja’s work “Inland Soul at Sea”. Watch the 7 minute video on Youtube.

Elsewhere in the Aalmarkt Studio will be two site specific installations by Carmen and Sonja. One incorporating some of the Leiden International Short Festival Experience films and another which combines Sonja’s 2006 video “In The Lands of Knowledge” with branches recycled from the Land Art Maastricht event Sen and Sonja participated in May.


7 June, 2013
Aalmarkt 15B, Leiden


Carmen’s performance starts at 9 p.m.

Sonja’s videos and the site specific installations will run continuously from 8 p.m. onwards.

A balancing act + butoh @ Land Art Maastricht

17 May 2013. Land Art Maastricht, Day 8.

Land Art Maastricht Rundgang - Sculpture by Clemens Maassen

Land Art Maastricht Rundgang – Sculpture by Clemens Maassen

Clemens + Rob van Acker also made an intervention at Land Art Maastricht with a car, a lamp post and some vines. One of the performances for the opening:

Butoh performance by Mieke Verhooren and a student.

Butoh performance by Mieke Verhooren and a student. Detail of sculptural interventions by second year art teacher students at the Maastricht School of Visual Arts.

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